About me

Good day to you,

I’m Fariah Garner and welcome to my page Me, Myself and Ernest!

I’m a mummy living with my husband, my 8 year old son, my 3 year old daughter and Ernest (I’ll talk about him later). We live in the leafy parts of Surrey, and although I do love a spot of afternoon tea, visiting National trust and writing strong worded letters to Waitrose about the atrocities of stocking bruised bananas, I’m also a fun loving illustrator and writer that likes to hang out on my back door step searching for shooting stars and satellites.

I’m an 80’s child and love a good ballad song along. The Sound of music and Labyrinth are the soundtracks to my youth, and gave me the grossly inaccurate goal of becoming a goblin queen, living in a nunnery, singing with my Jim Henderson puppet chums to pass my day. (Ok, I see now that this makes me sound like a very weird and lonely child…and I was.)

So why Me myself and Ernest?

For all those wondering who the heck Ernest is then I can tell you with pride that it’s mainly dedicated to my one true love… no, not my husband (sorry Stuart), and no, not either of my kids (sorry lovely babies!), it’s actually dedicated to my….100 year old typewriter. Ernest is my pal, my rock, my bro and my brain. He and I found each other in a wonderful car boot sale in Dorset and our love for each is as strong as ever. However, the name is also a part of my love for books and poetry, some obvious greats being Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde. And lastly, because I find it hard to be anything but honest, sometimes even painfully honest. So enjoy the ride of my highs and lows.

Ah, glad I cleared all that up.

I started blogging because truthfully? I was stuck. I have been a stay at home mum for 8 years now (!!!?!) and doing this full time is HARD! I’ve always followed my love for writing and drawing and worked freelance occasionally.  But the feeling to keep pursuing a career in the two became stronger so I’m following it.

I mainly write/draw about parenting and family life. All illustrations are available to buy and I love working on collaborations and customised prints. So get in touch!

It was cool once to be young, carefree and party all night, but finally, times have changed, and us parents are taking over the world with our sick covered tops, our Gucci bags (under our eyes), our messy buns and high waist leggings!! Don’t be afraid to show the world who you are and what you do, (unless you shoot people for fun then yeah, hide that and get some help!) otherwise get out there, strut your stuff and shout out from the roof tops that you’re still young at heart, you’ve still got it, and you are oh, so ready for bed!

Please do contact me for any enquiries and have a fab day.

love Fariah x


All enquiries please send to:  home@memyselfandernest.com



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