This weekend was nuts. I went to 3 birthday parties...3! Do you know how many gifts I had to buy?! Well, obviously it was 3, but the point is I was like a headless chicken mingling with people I didn't know and trying to keep cool although my armpits said otherwise...The thing I object to with birthdays is feeling a little awkward and finding myself blurring out stuff I didn't really want to say. Do you guys do this? I ended up telling a rather well spoken, and very successful career mum my whole life story and argued my reasons as to why my decision to be a stay at home mum was right for me. Then I went off on one about my new venture and ranted about the perks of being a working mum, the thing is she didn't even ask, I'm not even sure she even spoke or responded...she may have even raised her brows as I stopped talking to run off and tell my son to stop dictating and just let everyone play! Huh, you know, there's definitely a lesson to be learnt here. I know I need to be more relaxed and step back and watch the others mingle instead of just jumping in. I think being myself is far more important as there's less chance of me staying a wake at night thinking "did I really say that?" and "What the hell is wrong with me?!" Yes, being myself is absolutely an important lesson. Although, after this weekend, I feel there is a far greater lesson to learn, a lesson that will enrich my life and eliminate anxious episodes and lead towards a calmer, richer life...Yes, the most important lesson learnt from this weekend is to definitely have less friends. #mummymoney #howtogetrich #billynomates #mondaymotivation

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