On my way to pick my son up from school and over heard these two ladies talking about another mum:

Mummy 1: Did you know she doesn’t even have time to cook dinner!
Mummy 2: I know, I bet it’s because of those long hours she does at work and then taking her kids to after school actives. It’s just too much, the kids need to eat a proper meal.
Mummy 1: She said she has to give them microwave meals when she gets home. I mean, I know she feels guilty about it but how bad is that?! Dinner is so important, kids need a good home cooked meal everyday.
Mummy 2: I know, I know. The amount of salt and crap in those things is terrifying, and to feed them to your kids!
Mummy 1: I know, it’s so sad.
Mummy 2: What you cooking tonight then, love?
Mummy 1: I don’t know. I don’t have much in the fridge today, might have to run to the shops. Ugh!
Mummy 2: I’ve got a can of beans and corn beef if you want it?
Mummy 1: Nah, I’m good thanks. I just remembered I’ve got sweet corn and a can sausages in the cupboard.

*Note: I don’t care if you’re a slummy mummy, funny mummy, a sporty mummy, yummy mummy, or any other mummy. There is one type of mum that out shines the rest, that we are already or we’re capable of being, and that’s a kind mummy. Hats off to all the lovely mums (and dads) out there doing their best. X


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