Me: What do you want for breakfast, sweetie?
Daughter: Toast.
Me: Are you sure?
Daughter: Toast.
Me: OK, I’m going to give you this toast even though you never eat it. *puts toast on plate*
Daughter: No toast.
Me: Tough, that’s all you’re getting. Do you want juice?
Daughter: *Cries continuously for 5 mins.*
Me: OK!!! What do you want then?
Daughter: Orange.
Me: *Gives her orange segments whilst muttering under my breath*
Daughter: Mummy, juice!
Me: *Hands her some juice and goes into kitchen”
Daughter: O-oh!
Me: Great, why are the oranges all over the floor?
Daughter: Sorry mummy, orange.
*I go into the kitchen and count to 10, then come back and hand her a whole, unpeeled orange (how she likes it.)
Daughter: No! *she drops orange on the floor and the cup of juice.*
Me: Why did you do that? What’s wrong?!!! What do you want from me?!!!!!
Daughter: Toast.

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