Beetroot to yourself

This weekend was nuts. I went to 3 birthday parties…3! Do you know how many gifts I had to buy?! Well, obviously it was 3, but the point is I was like a headless chicken mingling with people I didn’t know and trying to keep cool although my armpits said otherwise… read more…

Happy Father’s Day

Becoming a dad might feel awkward and nerve-racking at times, but it also means becoming a little persons super hero. Thanks for being awesome. X

Lolly wins

Seriously, what would we do without ice cream? I’ve bribed my toddler 4x today with ice lollies. read more…

Same difference

On my way to pick my son up from school and over heard these two ladies talking about another mum:

Mummy 1: Did you know she doesn’t even have time to cook dinner! read more…

Cakes, mums and really big bums.

Me: I’m going for a run. I know it’s been a while but I have a cake free house and I’m keeping it that way!

*jogs to kitchen to grab a chilled bottle of water from fridge.*

Cake: Haha, I’m still in the fridge you twonk!

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